Carlsen Secures Rematch with Magnus Carlsen for 2014 World Chess Championship

Viswanathan Anand FIDE Candidates 2014 match

As of Saturday March 29th, with one round to go, “Vishy” “The Tiger of Madras” Viswanathan Anand has secured first place by accumulating 8 points to win the 2014 FIDE Candidates Tournament.  In turn, he also secured his rematch.  The 2014 World Chess Championship will be a Magnus Carlsen vs Viswanathan Anand rematch. 

If you aren’t quite up to speed, the FIDE Candidates Tournament hosts the very best players in the world to face each other in a knockout/elimination style best-of-the-best Chess tournament to determine who faces the sitting World Champion, Magnus Carlsen.

A few quick rapid fire comments:

I was really expecting more from Aronian.  Granted to tie with the very best players in the world is NO trifle feat that I am being insensitive to.  I just think he has been a little sharper than the field over the last couple of years and would have made for a spectacular match against an opponent like Carlsen.  (I think Carlsen would be more than willing to go toe to toe with sharp and novel lines.)  I would have liked to see Kramnik edge above the crowd also - he is such a talented and dedicated Chess player.

Carlsen and Anand are like fire and water.  Both powerful, but forced to maneuver around each other.  There’s a chance that Anand will step out of his risk-averse shell considering his previous results (he lost to Carlsen during the last Chess World Champion match), but I’m not counting on it.

So there it is folks.  My candid observation comes with I expect a not quite unanimous but overwhelming consensus- Carlsen is going to take Anand to the Mayagi-style 1985 Karate Kid cleaners-




And on and on and on.